Cloud computing has in last years been the theme of almost all major events in the field of information technology. All major computer companies and Oracle of course, have developed programs and solutions that penetrate into almost all areas of information technology. The management of organizations and professionals responsible for the strategic development of IT are faced with questions such as:

• How, when and with what dynamics to make the transition to cloud computing?

• How secure is our data in the cloud? • What if I want to change this?

• How will our business processes be affected with the transition to the cloud?

• Is cloud computing also suitable for organizations in our region?

Cloud Solutions are becoming a fact and reality, not only in the world but also in our region. Cloud computing enables faster returns on investments due to lower costs of installation, the application is ready to use, there is no need to buy additional hardware, and implementations are faster. It provides greater flexibility, higher automation and easier maintenance. Pay only what is actually used. It is ideal for those who use multiple devices: smartphones, tablets and PCs. All global ICT providers (including Oracle) have recognized this as a strategic direction of development. In addition to large-scale providers there is also a range of successful smaller vendors in the cloud. There are new opportunities that are exploited by both large providers as well as new market players entering with innovative solutions. Opportunities and possibilities are enormous, the market is growing at great speed. Matej Kranjc will explain his views, experience, vision, development strategy and the importance of cloud computing for the regional ICT space and how cloud solutions will influence jobs in the IT industry.