Za udeležbo na delavnici se je potrebno prijaviti. Bodite pozorni, ko boste izpolnjevali prijavnico na SIOUG 2017!


Mojca Gros
engMojca Gros
Qubix Svetovanje

iga Vaupot
Žiga Vaupot
Qubix Svetovanje



Oracle je v zadnjih nekaj letih izjemno veliko napora vložil v razvoj novih orodij za vizualizacijo podatkov. Visual Analyzer v orodju Oracle Business Intelligence 12c ali Business Intelligence Cloud Service, Data Visualisation Cloud Service in Data Visualisation Desktop so različna imena orodij, vendar v bistvu gre za eno in isto orodje.

Na delavnici bomo predstavili, uporabniki pa bodo lahko praktično preiskusili orodje, različne tipe vizualizacije podatkov, pri čemer bodo uporabili različne vire podatkov, kjer so le ti medseboj marsikdaj tudi kombinirani.

Delavnica bo tipa hands-on, kar pomeni, da vsak udeleženec prinese svoj laptop.

Alan Arentsen
engAlan Arentsen
Arentsen Database Consultancyace director



Oracle JET is becoming more and more used and they invest a lot to spread the JET knowledge. Last year people could participate with a three week MOOC. After the MOOC you earned an Oracle JET MOOC certificate.

The MOOC material is still online and you can do the course in your own pace. But you may have had some problems starting to learn JET.

Did you miss the MOOC or do you want to update your knowledge than this HOL is something for you to join.

After a short introduction about the various JET components you start building your own JET application. Did you build an application yourself allready then it's possible to download the sample application and build a composite component. All this guided by the course material and an experienced instructor.



This workshop is an example of implementations ideas shared in the Test Data Management. Delphix is a data virtualization platform and it allow users to quickly start and refresh test or developers databases. During a workshop there will be a presentation of creating new database, refreshing it using GUIs and automation. Also there will be examples of patching database and testing before a production patches.

About Test Data Management: Testing is an important part of every development projects unfortunately there are still projects that are not doing it right.

Based on my experience two of the most common problems are: size of data and data accuracy. If test with production like data sets are performed at the end of time deployment cycle, in the pre production phase, cost and time used for fixing potential bugs will much higher than if same errors were found at the beginning of the deployment cycle. Both problems mentioned above are typically related to an infrastructure and/or organization issues. Modern software and hardware solutions can address typical problems of cloning full data sets and provide an easy and cost effective solution for data cloning. But cloning a production data for testing will create another serious issue with has to be addresses. It’s data confidentiality and potential access to a sensitive data for development and testing teams. This issue has to be addressed with a data masking solution so data can be anonymized before released into non-secure zones.

This presentation want to address a necessity of providing a proper data to developers and testing team in the fast and reliable way. In addition to that integration of data management with a common code control mechanism will be presented.