Java EE 8 has -finally- been finalized!

david delabasse
engDavid Delabassee
ORACLE Corporation



This session will give an overview of the main capabilities added to the Java EE platform such as

  • JAX-RS 2.1’s new Reactive client API
  • CDI 2.0 Asynchronous events
  • Bean Validation 2.0 improvements
  • Servlet 4.0 HTTP/2 support
  • A new JSON Binding API
  • Various security enhancements, etc.

Most of the discussed APIs (e.g. Servlet, JAX-RS, Bean Validation...) are also widely used outside of the Java EE Platform. So come to this session to understand what those updated APIs really brings!

And now that Java EE 8 has been released, we will conclude the session by discussing how to move Java enterprise development to the next level!