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09:00 - 09:05 

Uvodni pozdrav

Jure Bratina

09:05 - 09:50 

A hitchhiker's guide to tuning tools (Pythian)

Bjoern Rost
Oracle ACE director

"Instance and SQL tuning with EM12c Cloud Control is so easy, it is not even much fun anymore. Also, not every customer may have the appropriate license or database edition, or all you have available remotely is a command-line login to a database. This presentation showcases a few open-source database tuning tools such as Snapper and ASH replacements that DBAs can use to gather and review metrics and wait events from the command line and even in standard edition. This is done by dissecting the familiar performance pages in EM12c, explaining the underlying statistics and showing how similar observations can be made in other tools."

09:50 - 10:35 

Is Data Warehousing dying?

Gurcan Orhan
Oracle ACE director

"Because of the misunderstanding of Big Data concept, fast output needs, budgeting issues and management failures, companies are now redirected from building up data warehouses to Operational Data Store based analytical reporting. In this session, hear the basic concepts and advantages of implementing a data warehouse system as well as methods to restructure methods and algorithms to current data warehouses and how to implement Data Warehouses in the era of Cloud."


Odmor - kava

10:55 - 11:40 


Frank Dernoncourt

"This presentation is a review of the numerous features available to secure access to the listener's configuration, decide who gets to connect to your databases and from where, and prevent outsiders from connecting to your databases or obtaining information about them. It will include demonstrations of some of those features, built from real-world experiences of that crucial subject. Attendees will leave with - technical know-how on the listener - examples of listener security configuration - undocumented tips learnt from real-world experience"

11:40 - 12:25 

Predavanje in roundtable/panel session s predavatelji na temo Cloud

Namesto običajnega formalnega predavanja, si bodo vsi trije predavatelji delili oder in predstavili Cloud tematiko. Predavanje bo zastavljeno tako, da se bomo z njimi lahko pogovarjali oz. jim zastavljali vprašanja. Ker bo tematika Cloud, je zaželeno, da so vprašanja povezana s to temo.



13:30 - 14:15 

How to solve complex business Requirements with Oracle Data Integrator?

Gurcan Orhan
Oracle ACE director

""Business requirements are always hard to implement, develop, operate and always changeable. In this session attendees will have some fact examples of turning unstructured data into structural meaning, writing complex queries without typing anything, adding function based joins, implementing CTAS (Create Table As Select) and IAS (Insert As Select) methods and simplifying business rules, writing optimized queries to decrease operational and development costs as well as the faster loads. In this session hear how you can solve some of complex business requirements with Oracle Data Integrator's flexibility and ease of usage features."

14:15 - 15:00 

DevOps for DBAs

Bjoern Rost (Pythian)
Oracle ACE director

"Organizations are struggling to manage and standardize an ever increasing number of database deployments. This presentation shows how scripting and automation tools can be used to provision databases and to manage resources like users, tablespaces, instance parameters and settings in general. With this setup one can manage a large range of systems from a very small set of descriptive text based configuration files. Moreso, these configs are easily managed in a revision control system like git enabling agile workflows for database change management."


Odmor - kava

15:20 - 16:05 

Make Services work for you - stop missing out!

Bjoern Rost (Pythian)
Oracle ACE director

" Introduced with Oracle 8i, services are becoming more and more useful with every new version of the Oracle database. Yet many users are missing out on many great features that a proper implementation of services can provide. Learn how to use services to get a headstart into monitoring and resource management, provide flexibility for maintenance and migrations and unlock the full potential of RAC and Data Guard deployments in terms of manageability and availability."

16:05 - 16:50 

Performance Tuning with SQLDeveloper

Frank Dernoncourt

"This presentation is mostly a demo of Oracle's SQLDeveloper monitoring/tuning capabilities. For those who do not yet use that product, it will give an overview of those capabilities and, in all likelihood, make their mouth water. For those who know it already, it will open their eyes to some fantastic possibilities, right at their fingertips. The demonstration shows how to monitor a live performance problem, diagnose it in real-time, and fix it. In order to do that, we will have to - use Monitor Sessions and customise it - use the new DB Instance graphic monitoring console - optimise a statement, compare execution plans To accomplish those tasks, we will leverage SQLDeveloper's many user-friendly features, with tips and tricks galore along the way. We will also cover formatting code, AWR/ASH reports, command history, monitoring, the SQL Tuning Advisor, and how to learn more about the Oracle database thanks to SQLDeveloper! Attendees will leave with - tips to do their daily tasks faster - ideas to work smarter - the knowledge that SQLDeveloper can accomplish much more than meets the eye"




Pester urnik na OTN EMEA Tour 2017.



Ljubljana, torek, 23. maj 2017, v hotelu Austria Trend.