If you are maintaining a fleet of servers or many different customers, there is a list of tasks you have to do daily/weekly/monthly/etc. There are two possible solutions to that problem - you can spend your time doing to manually or you can spend your time to build an automated tool to help you with reoccurring task and after initial time/money effort you will have more time to learn new features or deal with problem you are more interested in. This presentation will show you how Ansible toolkit can be used in daily DBA work and how it will allow you to keep all environment configured in same way. In addition to that automated processes have a better quality (over a time) as if you fix your script this fix will be always there and you should not do same misconfiguration again. I will compare a Ansible with Enterprise Manager 12c, as well as to show in which area you should use you which tool. The following tasks will be covered: - Automated installation - Automated patching - Scripts