Vrstni red predavanj je urejen po alfabetičnem vrstnem redu naslovov predavanj.


Cloud security and personal data regulations

Michal Wypych
engMichal Wypych



In this session, you will learn about physical security, backup and disaster recovery. This will give you an overall overview of the architecture and data centre in which Oracle’s applications are hosted. You will learn about hosting policy, data privacy and contract guarantees. The presentation will show you Oracle’s approach to the security from the different points of view.

Extending your HCM Cloud Self Service is as simple as ABC(S)

Debra Lilley



Application Builder Cloud Services is the Low-Code Development solution for extending Cloud Applications, without the need for deep technical knowledge.

This presentation will include a live demo to build a simple application, using Cloud HCM APIs to extract the core data, and how to integrate the running of the application, seamlessly from within HCM and finishing with a quick mobile app.

Kako vzpostaviti APIje in jih povezati z zalednimi sistemi z uporabo Oracle API Platform in Integration Cloud Service

engdr. Matjaž B. Jurič
UL FRI, Java Championace director

Rok Povše



Kako pomembno je v digitalni ekonomiji vzpostaviti APIje (in s tem temelje za API ekonomijo) ter jih učinkovito povezati z zalednimi sistemi, verjetno ni potrebno posebej poudarjati. Danes je splošno sprejeto, da je v ta namen na strani IT potrebno vzpostaviti okolje za upravljanje API-jev ter integracijsko platformo. V predstavitvi si bomo ogledali oblačni storitvi, ki jih ponuja Oracle pod imenoma API Platform Cloud Service in Integration Cloud Service ter prikazali, kaj ponujata in ovrednotili, kako s temi orodji uspešno nasloviti zgornje cilje.

Moving traditional procurement process to the Cloud

Simon Jurecic
engSimon Jurečič
OSIR-ERPIS, d.o.o.



Typical procurement process, many would say „how complex could it be“. Company needs some goods or services, so just prepare RFQ, send it to potential suppliers and choose the „best one“. But the truth behind that process is much more complex than that.

Who are potential suppliers for some goods or services, do you know which suppliers are qualified to deliver some goods or services, based on what criteria will you decide which one is „the best“, price and delivery term are just one part of the criteria,... If your company is obligated to perform procurement according to public procurement process, every step of the process must be conducted according to strict law requirements.

This presentation will give you an overview of a complete software solution which will support your complex business processes in Procurement part.

Oracle Cloud: A platform and a path to Cloud success

duncan harvey
engDuncan Harvey
Senior Director, Cloud Platform Business Development, Oracle EMEA



Cloud technologies are rapidly changing how businesses run and IT teams execute - but the speed of that change can be overwhelming and companies often struggle to find paths to Cloud that meet the needs of the future while also protecting existing on-premise investments. In this session you will hear how Oracle’s broad collection of PaaS and IaaS services offer a complete cloud platform that can help change the economics of innovation. Using customer success stories as a foundation, hear first-hand how companies can build their own unique paths to cloud and actually scale innovation at the same time they’re able to reduce costs. You’ll also get the very latest news and updates from Oracle OpenWorld, covering our Cloud and on-premise technologies.

Oracle Innovation Management Cloud Service @ Addiko Bank BiH

Nihad Velagi
engNihad Velagić
Core d.o.o.

unknown user
Adi Hadžiosmanović
Addiko Banka (BIH)



In December 2016 Addiko BH has selected the Oracle Idea and Innovation Management Cloud solution for the management of their innovation process. Implementation was carried out by company CORE d.o.o. as a specialized Oracle partner for Cloud implementation. The scope of the project included the process of nominating ideas by employees, analyzing and approving ideas, and developing project proposals for adopted ideas. The users also have the option of managing the portfolio of innovations through which the user can analyze the compatibility of the proposed innovations with the strategic and operational goals of the organization. The implementation was completed within the deadline and the users went into production since mid-April.

At the end of the year, concrete results and effects of the implemented solution Oracle Cloud Idea & Innovation Management in Addiko BH will be available.

Oracle Next Generation Cloud Infrastructure Platform

Uro Beoanin
engUroš Beočanin
Oracle Software d.o.o.



Oracle’s next generation cloud infrastructure platform brings together best practices and learnings from nearly a decade of public cloud IaaS. The combination of virtualized network, mix of bare metal and VMs, interoperable infrastructure stack in public cloud or cloud at customer, all together with advanced governance and management capabilities, brings to market a highly competitive public cloud IaaS option for the enterprise market.

We will present Oracle cloud infrastructure platform from technical and customer use-case point of view.

PaaS4SaaS demo case

Michal Wypych
engMichal Wypych

Marcin Podwojski
Marcin Podwojski



This presentation will guide through extensibility of the functionality in Innovation Management using Mobile Cloud Service. This live workshop of the application development will give step by step instruction how to create the mobile application. Using online integration with Innovation Management, the solution will be shown in action.

Uporaba Oracle SaaS rešitve kot podpora finančno-računovodskih procesov v javnem sektorju

Adnan Crnica
engAdnan Crnica
Oracle Corporation


Faruk Jazic
Faruk Jazic
Oracle Corporation




Računovodski sistem državnega aparata predstavlja enega od ključnih informacijskih sistemov v državi.

V BiH je od leta 2003 finančno računovodski sistem na ravni države, obeh entitet (Federacija BiH in Republika Srpska) in vseh 11 kantonov uspešno deluje na rešitvi Oracle eBusiness Suite.

SaaS rešitve predstavljajo naslednjo generacijo informacijskih sistemov, ki tudi uporabnikom v javnem sektorju prinašajo širok spekter dodanih vrednosti. Na drugi strani uporaba SaaS pristopa v javnem sektorju zahteva dodatno analizo in ustrezno strukturiranje projekta.

Srednjebosanski kanton je sprejel odločitev o prehodu finančno računovodskega sistema z Oracle eBS na Oracle ERP Cloud rešitev junija 2017. Projekt migracije rešitve je v teku.

Tema predavanja bo predstavitev razlogov in strukture projekta ter pričakovanih koristi uporabe ERP SaaS aplikacij v javnem sektorju v BiH.